Porsche 996TT Front Axle Boot Replacement RennsportKC

Had this 996TT come in the other day for a front CV axle boot replacement.

Tearing down the front assembly to get the axle out of the car.

She has been broken for awhile. When I got it apart, it was really dried out.

The inner end.

And out of the car where I can work on it.

The axle removal is the easy part. The rebuilding part royally sucks!

Since the joint was really dry, I completely disassembled the CV joint and cleaned all the little ball bearings, cage, and main bodies. Not too much scoring, so hopefully they will be ok. These front axles are about $500, so we definitely want to try and save this one first. Note, when you are rebuilding the front axles, while the Porsche kit includes the correct boots and grease, the dang cv boot clamps are completely the wrong sizes. DOH! After a lot of searching, I finally found a couple that would work.

And back in the car, ready to go!

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