Porsche 986 Boxster Service RennsportKC

Had this Boxster come in awhile back for some catch up service. With 100k miles on the clock, it was time for some much needed service.

Really the car just needed a round of filters and spark plugs, but I did notice the spark plug tube seals were leaking on the engine, so while I was in there, I made sure to replace those.

After pulling out the tubes, I noticed the seals had been replaced at some point. Factory seals are both green, and the replacement seals are green and red. But….one of of the reasons for the leak. A broken spark plug tube. This was caused by whomever replaced the seals before where they tried to grab the edge of the tube with a pick or screwdriver to pry it out. This is not the proper way to remove the tubes, and most of the time this is what will happen. If you are going to pry them out like this, plan on replacing all of the plastic tubes.

And the plugs 🙂 Yup, it was time for replacement.

And with 100k miles on the clock, the coils were starting to crack as well, so those needed to be replaced.

After changing out filters and such, I needed to address the airbag light. Pretty common in these cars to have a bad seat belt receptacle go bad and trigger the airbag light.

A quick removal of the seat, buckle replacement, and we were back in business.

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