Porsche 993 Walrod Bushings and Stage II Mufflers RennsportKC

Edit: It seems our blog posts, such as this one, are being stolen by a website Chrisescars.com and he is taking credit for them by literally putting his name on the article. We will be addressing this immediately.

Going to knock out a little work on this 993 before shipping it out of state to it’s owner! We have had a few things on the list to take care of, including new poly front control arm bushings (Chris Walrod), as well as modifying the exhaust with the stage II package.

First thing to do was to get the old mufflers off. The hardware was all completely rusted and rotten, I had to cut off all the bolts with the cutoff wheel. Not a big deal, new hardware will look better anyway 🙂 Kind of comes with the territory when it comes to exhaust work.

And with them off the car, I can modify the cans. I’ve got some S/S pipe at home I need to bring to the shop, so i’ll get back to these later.

Then it was time to attack the front control arms for the new bushing install.

After marking the toe settings, I pulled the arms off the car. We will align the car afterwards anyway, but if you are careful with your markings, you can probably get away with not having to realign after doing this job.

First thing to do is to light them on fire. Nope, not joking. This will soften the rubber and allow you to pull out the metal inserts.

Then with a chisel, punch, hacksaw (or sawzall if you are careful), you can get the bushings out. The first arm always takes me about 2 hours because I always forget my super secret trick for making this easy. The 2nd arm takes me about 15 minutes once I remember the super secret trick. I’d post it up here where I could easily find it for the next time, but then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore 🙂

And a bunch of old nasty bushings.

And after a round in the bead blaster, and the new bushings installed, this arm is ready to go back on the car!

And on to the next one! Much faster I must add the 2nd time 🙂

Stay tuned. A couple days off to work on the blog, then I will modify the cans quick, get this puppy to alignment, and on the transport!

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