Cayman Project Continued RennsportKC

I’m not sure where to even start. I looked at my desktop of all the picture folders I have categorized and ready to blog about, but it is a bit overwhelming. I’ve got to take a couple days off just so I can catch up on blog….for work!

Last we saw, I think I had the Cayman engine out of the car and ready to swap over. I got all the accessories transferred from the old engine over to the new engine, then had to break down the passenger bank to modify the valve cover for the extra scavenge pump.

On the table, with the camshaft lockout bars in place.

And the cam cover removed. I have to drill and tap the cover for the oil line, and don’t want any shavings in the motor.

New hole marked and drilled. There isn’t much room for error due to the cover’s shape on the backside.

And after awhile, it goes back together. The extra scavange pump is there to help keep oil on that side of the motor under hard cornering.

And a better shot of the pump.

And then just like that, the motor ends up in the car.

Once we fired it up and got everything checked, on subsequent restarts we had a chirp on startup. I had noticed it on the old motor, but didn’t want to start that one too many times to diagnose, but turns out the starter was hanging up a little bit, so off comes the top of the motor. Pretty quick job though, it looks worse than it is.

And the old starter. New starter is in and the car is ready to leave!

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