Porsche 996 Project Continues Rennsport Kansas City

Work continues on with our Project 996. The list kind of keeps growing on this car.

New parts arrived and waiting for install.

With the tranny out, I replaced the OAS since access is as good as it will get.

New IMS bearing in place along with RMS.

Measuring bolt length for the new lightweight flywheel.

And the lightweight flywheel in place.

And the clutch disc. Since the tranny is now back from Gbox for it’s rebuild, I will put that in soon. The factory LSD was shot and not rebuild able (LSD’s since the 996, even in the GT3 suck and fail very quickly), we went with an OS Gieken true LSD.

Then it was time to finish up the brake booster replacement. There is a slew of updated parts that must be installed with the updated booster. One of those is the actual push rod from the pedal to the booster.

All the old components out.

New firewall seal assembly in place. A lot of silicone and muscle needed for this install.

The new push rod assembly. Honestly…..you don’t need it. The only difference is the extra ears that stick out on the old one. They actually hit the new rod sleeve, so you could just grind them down if you wanted.

And everything back in place. If you are careful enough, you can manipulate the ABS module out of the way without disconnecting that stuff, but the master does have to come off. Stay tuned.

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