Porsche Cayenne Oil Leak Repair And Rear Hatch Struts Rennsport Kansas City

Had this Cayenne come in the other day for a pesky oil leak and some hatch struts. The owner had seen a puddle of oil on the floor, cleaned it up, then it leaked no more. I thought that was a puzzling occurrence, so up in the air she goes!

Some remnant oil was found on the lower shield, but nothing that looked like a huge puddle.

Steering rack covered in oil as was the filter housing. Turns out whomever did the oil change last did not tighten the filter housing all the way. I could actually feel the edge of the o ring with my finger. The o ring must have swollen up after it leaked enough to stop the leak. Very scary as this could have been a new motor in a hurry.

After getting the oil changed and the undercarriage cleaned, I moved on to the driver side headlight assembly. The owner had the carriage mechanism break apart while trying to change a lightbulb, so the light would not stay in securely.

As you can see on the left of the carrier, it is busted off where you lock the headlight in place.

And the carrier removed from the car. It is a bugger to get to all the bolts.

A little easier to see the left side chunked off. A new carrier in place, and we were back in business.

Then it was off to the rear hatch strut replacement. The door was no longer holding itself open, so it needed a few new struts. Overhead trim and D pillar trim all needs to come off.

And after a few more small brackets and covers, you can see the massive ram that needs to come out on each side.

And out of the car

It is a tight fit getting the ball and sockets off.

Removed from the car.

And the new rams in place. Back together she goes!

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Tony Wileman

April 7, 2013 at 2:55 AM

I am looking to replace 2 gas struts on my 2004 cayenne
Thanks for great info and informative pics

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