Porsche 997.2 Sharkwerks Center Bypass Muffler Install

Had my buddy Mark bring in his 997 the other day for a little sound upgrade 😉 He had already done the fister/lpmm/gundo bypass mod, but wasn’t happy yet with the sound. On the watercooled motors, the bypass mod on the mufflers just doesn’t provide the deep throaty sound like it does on the 993’s. Instead, the best solution for these cars IMHO is to get rid of the center muffler using a bypass pipe. In this case, we are using Sharkwerk’s pipe.

As you can see on the 997.2, not only has the motor changed, but the exhaust design has changed as well, adding a center muffler into the mix. It has to go.

While the removal of the bumper isn’t 100% necessary to remove, you must have a half moon wrench to get to the nuts. Honestly, it is quicker to just yank the rear bumper cover and aluminum bumper which will provide full access to the hardware. Once the new pipe is in place, off she goes!

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