Porsche GT3 GMG Exhaust Install and Centerlock Discussion

My buddy Dan finally received his man card in the mail the other day, so he decided to pick up a center muffler delete pipe that we had on our GT3RS project for install. I had installed the custom GMG headers on the car last year and all was good, but it just didn’t have the sound a new GT3 should 🙂

While here, we also needed to swap in new rear pads for an um…..event coming up. It came to my attention a couple weeks ago when a customer with a GTS came in that our local dealer service advisor is telling customers with Centerlock wheels that they are the only ones in town who have the tools to remove the wheels from these cars. I had to laugh. If you remember a couple years ago when the new GT3RS was picked up at Aristocrat, they didn’t even know the car came with a centerlock removal socket, haha. I’m afraid we have been removing these wheels for years with the proper tools, as have other shops in the area I am sure. A massive 3/4″ torque wrenche that will do a huge amount of torque and a special socket are needed (in the trunk if your mechanic doesn’t have one). Now, there has been a TSB update to centerlocks in regards to how they are torqued, so make sure your mechanic is aware of that. There is a new 3 step process, with a final torque state of 600nm or 444ft/lbs. All easily attainable with my equipment. I envy shops that have local dealers that work with them cooperatively. This is why we by a large quantity of our parts from dealers out of state, there are a few great dealers that are always super helpful and glad to work with us, it would be nice to be able to keep that money in the local economy, but whatever. I also heard that Aristocrat has made outrageous claims like they invented the question mark, and have accused chestnuts of being lazy 😉 ……MOVIE REFERENCE……GO!

The rear calipers since the 997 turbo era (and GT3’s) don’t have a simple rear pad replacement anymore….rather the caliper must be removed to change pads.

New pads in, and spreading the pads so they will fit back over the rotors.

When reinstalling the centerlocks, it is extremely important that the locks click all the way back into place. Sometimes they will stick in like this, at which point the center lock is not locked.

And this is where they should be in their locked position. If one is stick and you can’t get it to release with a screwdriver, you can thread a bolt in and give it a little tug and it should pop right into place.

Then it was on to the rear muffler delete. Off comes the bumper and associated pipes. A little different muffler connection design with these cars than with the non turbos.

And the new pipe in place…..oh yea! The sound above 4k RPMS is intoxicating.

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