Porsche 996 Cabriolet IMS/RMS Service RennsportKC

Had this 996 in last week for a post purchase inspection. The car turned out to be pretty clean other than needing a new set of tires and…..a leaking RMS/IMS situation. Not good. Well, good for dealer 30 day warranties I guess!

The leak was actually a little worse this week, so good thing we were taking care of this now.

After pulling out the transmission. Note the engine support bar is needed since the transmission acts as the other 2 mounts to hold the powertrain in place.

Looks like we caught this one early, which is good.

Special tool for setting the rear main seal in place.

And sucking it down into place.

To do the IMS, the 3 chain motor must be carefully locked into place so the camshafts do not slip timing.

And pulling out the old bearing.

And setting the new bearing and flange back into place.

Oil air separator looks to have been replaced already, so I left that be.

And the new clutch. After that was all done, the transaxle was put back in place, and tomorrow this thing goes home!

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