Porsche 911 5S Revival RennsportKC

Awhile back I had posted about a fuel leak we had in this 911 after trying to revive it. We had pulled it out of a storage unit in town for the owner, to try and get it running so he can sell it. It was NOT built by us.

Since it was about as cheap to replace the entire cell, versus shipping the old one back and forth and having a new bladder installed, we opted to just go with a new tank. So out came the old tank

Nice. A new fuel safe cell.

The new composite bellypan installed.

And the fuel cell going in to place. We had a little trouble with the fuel pump earlier being locked up, so wes got that freed up, and we got the fuel lines to finally stop leaking.

I’m not sure what the crap is with the vent hose on the previous install. Why it wasn’t cut down to length is beyond me. This car was put together by the previous shop with about 50% effort, a lot of it just wouldn’t have taken a lot more effort to do it right.

The hose just runs through the fender to the bottom of the car, nothing more then pulling the line through further and making a cut to make it right.

While I was doing the cell, Wes was attacking the carbs.

When we got the car, it was pretty much shooting fuel straight up out of the carbs, so wes did a full rebuild on them. Once that was done, we fired it up, and Wes got it tuned and running. It made a trip up and down the street a couple times, and is ready to go home!

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