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Project 996 is finally to the point where the paint needed a lot of attention. If you remember when this car came in to us, it was not only in pieces, but also had been sitting outside for a long time. The water spots and dirt had pretty much become one with the paint, so we called in the professionals. Tim and Issac from KC Detailing took care of the paint for us on short notice. Even with them moving into their new building, they found the time to get over to us for some work. If you ever need a good detailer, they have a beautiful new shop in Johnson County and can take care of all your needs.

Their contact info is as follows:
KC Detailing
9202 Nieman Road
Overland Park, KS 66214

We went with a compound and polish on the paint, and they spent almost 8 hours on it. Here they show the difference between the before and after.

And all finished. For now, under the car cover it goes. This car is ready to leave.

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Jim Rejda

January 17, 2013 at 1:29 AM

No question, these guys did an amazing job! I have a Pro Makita power buffer and try to care for my paint with 3M products, But they took it to a whole’ nother level! Paint looks amazing, they got rid of the old crusty dry haze that plagued this gorgeous color, and gave her back that sexy luster! No worries, I have had her at the 3 top rated detail/car washes in KC, tried all 3 as each one I will never go back to. No worries, I am very grateful!
And no I am not being paid, I am jusdt litterally awe stricken, by the transformation! Bravo!

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