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Nov 11 2012 porschedoc BMW No Comments

Since I was stuck waiting on parts for the 964 and GT3, I decided to tackle some maintenance on the chump car.

First thing to do was to tackle the engine mounts. Our fan shroud kept popping off during the race, and I kind of figured it was likely due to the motor mounts being shot and the engine moving around enough that the fan was hitting the shroud. Easy problem to fix though.

From the looks of them, they look like they definitely need replacing.

Um yea, these should be one piece mounts. Completely blown apart. This was definitely allowing entirely too much engine movement under acceleration, braking, and cornering.

And the front bumper back on.

Next up was to tackle our fuel filling issue. Through the stock filler hose and jug hose, it was taking entirely way too long to fuel. So we are going to remedy that situation this time around. First thing to do was to pull the fill neck out of the car.

And disassemble it. Anything under this car is a major chore due to the excessive rust the car has after living in Minnesota. Eventually, I got the cup out of the fuel neck.

And with the plasma cutter, cut a fill hole to a larger diameter. Now with a larger funnel that will be also modified, we should be able to dump the fuel in very quickly.

Oh yea!

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