Porsche 964 Suspension Overhual RennsportKC

Time for some pre-winter maintenance on this 964 C4 🙂 First round will be suspension overhaul, including Chris Walrod bushings, Bilstein HD (also known as B6’s outside the states) shocks, and H&R lowering springs. Followed up with an alignment and MVI. Once that is done, then the motor/trans will come out, transmission sent off for rebuilding, and tackled a few minor things on the motor while it is out.

As you can see, the monster truck ride height has to go!

Old suspension comes out.

Disconnecting the brake lines vs cutting the notching the struts. Do it right. It just adds a brake bleed to the job.

As you can see, the front struts are completely dead.

Once I got in there, I didn’t really like the upper strut mount wear, so I ordered a new set of those which will be here on Monday….so off to the rear we go 😉

Rear struts out.

Gaping hole 😉

And the new struts/lowering springs installed. Ride height will be fine tuned once everything is on the ground.

I’m thinking the D90’s might just have to go 😉

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