Porsche 964 Braking Issue Rennsport Kansas City

Had this nice little 964 come into the shop today for some brake pulsation issues. He had replace the pads and rotors about 300 miles ago due to pulsation/warped rotors, and then it was good for awhile before the pulsation returned under braking.

My initial thought was that a caliper was hanging up, and after putting it in the air and spinning both front wheels, the front left was definitely hanging up. Hard to see in this picture, but the 300 mile old rotor is really grooved already.

Versus a nice smooth passenger side.

After pulling the brake line on the driver side, something very odd happened…..or should I say the lack of something happened. At this point fluid should be slowly dripping from the line as the reservoir drains, but alas, there was ZERO active drips. So my thought at this point is we have a brake line that is collapsing or clogged. A quick glance at the fluid and it looked pretty brown, granted, some brake fluids now days are a little darker tint than others. After pulling the rubber line from the other hard line end, fluid started flowing freely, so I think we might be on to something.

And since I had to pull the caliper to turn the warped rotor, I threw the caliper in the bead blaster to clean up the plates where the pads slide.

And the cleaned caliper back on the car with a freshly turned rotor. Tomorrow, I will get the front soft lines replaced on both sides and see what we have!

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