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Had this 993 come in for our Street/Sport suspension upgrade. With 80k miles on the clock, the shocks and struts are LONG overdue for replacement. I always tell people I have never once pulled good struts out of a 993….and I’ve pulled out a lot! A cheap unit from the factory, I have seen cars with as little as 20k miles on them with a completely blown suspension. Not to worry though, I always have a solution or two up my sleeves.

A little before shot :0) 4 wheel drive ride height!

Up she goes!

Our street/sport upgrade kit. Poly bushings for the front control arms to improve stability under cornering and braking, Bilstein HD/B6’s, and a set of lowering springs.

With it up in the air, first thing to do is to pull the front control arms and rebuild them with new poly bushings. The bushings replace the 15 year old rubber that is soft and cracked.

And the control arms out of the car.

I had to fight with them due to corrosion, which is somewhat unusual on 993’s!

After a lot of work, the old bushings are removed from the control arms.

And we are left with some ugly looking arms. So I threw them in the bead blaster and cleaned everything up good before reassembly.

Much better!

And back together with the new bushings! This is really going to help this car with front end stability.

Then it was time to tackle the struts.


And then on to the rears.

Once I pulled the rears apart, I found the rear toe links to be shot. This is pretty typical for the mileage, so I replaced with new units.

Back together! An oil change and she was back on the ground.

A big improvement! Off to alignment on Monday, and then back to it’s owner!

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Jeremy D.

February 15, 2013 at 4:19 PM

Night and day improvement!

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