Mercedes Benz 560SEC Maintenance RennsportKC

Had this nice little 560SEC come into the shop today for a few issues. A strong smell of fuel at random times, a clunking rear suspension, and a wiggy instrument cluster are among the issues currently.

Once I popped the hood, I found a leaking cold start valve gasket, but I knew if I dug deeper, I would find bigger issues 😉

Leaking EHA valve. This is very common these old MB’s. I could actually physically watch the fuel drip out of it. Not good.

As the fuel dripped out of the EHA valve, it ran around the back of the intake to where it could puddle up. Not sure how this thing didn’t go up in flames! I also checked the fuel pressure regulator while I was in there and found a torn diaphragm, so I will replace that as well. Both of these can cause a rough idle on start up, which eventually clears itself out, which the car was having. I think these three things should take care of the fuel smell! Stay tuned!!!!!

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