Why we start at the beginning when bringing your barn car back to life…

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About a week back Karl made a great post on the backsory of a sweet little 911t barn car we got in.  She hasn’t been run in a very long time and we’ll document the rest of her revival as we go.  For today, just a quick note on the fuel system.

We always get the request to “just tune the carbs because I had another shop do all of the other work.”  That call comes in monthly.  Here is one good example of how trying to do that costs the customer and us..

This car comes to us after months at another shop.  The customer has done all the right things.  Took it to a professional shop, took their advice on how to proceed and paid in full.  Problem is, car doesn’t run.

We went through the painful explaination as to why we have to start from scratch on his car.   We have to pull, clean and line his tank,  even though the other shop says they just did. We have to do the fuel lines. We have to tear down the carbs, even though he’s spent a ton just having it done.  We have to check compression and set valves (if there is no compression then there is usually no vacuum, no vacuum and the carbs won’t ever work.)  After listening to me whine long enough the owner understood why this all had to be done and we went to work.

Rust all over the tank and big flakes of it in piles.  Btw- to get the tank out we had to use heat, prybars, and a floor jack.  No way it came out for a cleaning in the last few months.

Nasty fuel filter out of the “just cleaned” system.

Those are the E-tubes from the carbs he was charged big bucks to “rebuild.”  In addition to being gunky, they are not the right emulsion tubes to use with the venturies that are installed.  We had a choice to make.  To use these tubes I’d need to change idle and main jets, vents, and air correctors.  So instead the car gets six new F26’s.

Rust already back in the bowl because the tank wasn’t cleaned properly and it was not lined.

These are what emulsion tubes look like when pulled out of a running car that HASN’T just had a carb “rebuild.”

and here’s a bowl in a runner..also not a “zero miles since rebuild” carb.

There were other issues, fouled plugs, bad wires, ect that were addressed as well.  Tank is coming back tomorrow.  We will be back with more from this old girl.


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