Porsche 964 Project: Engine and Transmission Service RennsportKC

Since the suspension and alignment was done, it was time for me to drop the motor out so we could have GBOX rebuild the transaxle which has had a few shifting issues, etc.

Up and ready to go!

And just like that, the motor and trans are out.

When I separated the transmission from the engine, I noticed a hacked up clutch fork pin retaining bracket, which I thought was really odd. When I looked in the bellhousing, I almost died at what I saw! Someone had done a clutch on this car fairly recently, and upgraded the clutch fork shaft to the bronze bushing kit. In the process, they took a hammer and chisel to the ear where one of the bushings sits. I can’t imagine why anyone would do this, and then put it back together like nothing was wrong! If you’ll notice, the ear is almost completely broken off!

A little better shot at the top crack which is completely through, and the bottom which is almost all the way through. I am absolutely baffled that any shop could do this. Luckily though, GBOX says they can cut the ears off, mill it, and reweld new ears. $$$ but cheaper than a new bellhousing section.

While the motor is out, I am going to take care of some of the “while you are in there” items that are really easy with the engine out. First up, the fuel pressure regulator, breather plate gasket, and oil thermostat o-ring.

When I pulled the breather plate, I found my favorite sustance! RTV! This stuff must have some sort of magnetic pull towards me. This stuff has no business being here. After seeing the transmission, I am sure glad this 964 isn’t maintained by whomever it was that did all this work.

More RTV on the oil thermostat oring! Seriously???

All the tin removed for refreshening, And the AC bracket off so I can replace the leaking front main seal and intermediate shaft o-ring. With the AC mount off, installing new spark plug wires is much easier.

Tomorrow I will have these seals in hand so I can take care of this leak. Removing the crank pulley is a bear. You can do it without the Porsche special tool, but at $25 bucks, it makes it less of a hassle. You can lock the flywheel to keep the engine from turning while you remove the crank bolt and pull the crank pulley off.

Tins bead blasted and ready for primer/paint.

While primer was setting, I decided to tackle the power steering belt. This is a ribbed belt on the back side of the motor that is a real peach to replace without dropping the motor. It has quite a long lifespan, but since we have it on the table, I am definitely going to repla…….ok stop…..edit Disclaimer. After publishing this I noticed something very bad in this picture. Yes, there is a Miata in the picture. No it is not mine. No it is not a customer’s. It is Wes’ Miata. Any potential suitors can email him at WesLovesMiatas@rennsportkc.com And now back to work. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders now.

Belt off, and ready for the new one. Less background candy in this picture.

And a couple coats of high temp black to the tins. The valve covers will get a similar treatment, with the finish being silver to match the car. Stay tuned! Tomorrow, Tia is going to replace the crank seals/IMS seal, finish the valve covers, spark plugs, wires etc.

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