Jeep Grand Cherokee Brake Upgrade RennsportKC

If you have ever owned a Grand Cherokee, you are probably very familiar with the brake warping issue they have with the front axle. The lack of proper cooling to the front rotors causes them to heat up and eventually warp, sometimes due to a sudden over cooling situation, such as driving through a puddle of water that kicks it up on the rotor. The result is a very shaky vehicle on harder braking, especially noticeable coming off an interstate off ramp. Kolak has a solution though, a little better brake system 😉

Old old setup, warped rotors and all.

And upgraded crossdrilled rotors and pads. I know, it looks backwards, but according to the paperwork and stampings, the rotors are installed in this orientation.

And bleeding the brakes with some new fluid.

With the fronts done, that left the rears. It should stop really nice now.

After that, a quick install of a boost gauge for the CRD motor, and a trailer brake controller.

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