Project 964 Continues: Front Engine Leaks RennsportKC

Work continues on the 964 C4. I had a few spare hours, so I decided to tackle the front of the motor to get rid of one pesky oil leak we had coming from the front crankseal and the IMS o-ring. Passenger side timing chain cover. A lot of crap has to come off to get to these buggers, and it is easiest out of the car. These weren’t leaking, but since they are a real pain in the car, I threw in new gaskets and grommets.

And the driver side. No need to remove the distributor (which we replaced the belt on this last winter, so we won’t bother with that)

And the front crank seal replacement.

The refreshed tins and valve covers to give to motor a little pop 🙂

Somehow the IMS o-ring I ordered did not make it, so a new one should be here on Monday. Then I can start buttoning up the front of the motor.

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