Porsche 997.2 Sharkwerks Center Muffler Bypass RennsportKC

After lowing the 997.2 last week, we just had to do something with that dull exhaust note 😉 I called up Alex and had him send me a center muffler bypass pipe 😀 You’ve seen this here before, but….well….a little review.

No need for a lift, this one can be done on the ground.

Shop supervisor checks the welds on the new pipe to make sure they pass muster.

Tongue out seal of approval. Just to prove how easy this job is, Tia is going to install it.

Quickest way is to just pull the rear bumper. The lack of opposable thumbs slows progress slightly as it is hard to hold the torx bit driver without dropping it. She spends a lot of time admiring herself in the paint reflection. No treats until the job is done though.

Once the rear metal bumper was off, she pulled the various exhaust piping off, which leaves the center muffler ready to come out.

And the new bypass pipe installed. If she had thumbs, she’d give it two thumbs up. Best 997.2 mod there is 🙂 And there you have it, so easy an Akita can do it.

After a job well done, it’s time for lunch and a siesta.

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