Porsche 964 C4 Refurbishing Rennsport Kansas City

My buddy Nic brought in a new to him 964 C4 that he just picked up. It was bought knowing it needed a new clutch, so while the motor is out we are going to go through the major things that might need attention in order to turn this into a nice daily driver.

Starting to get the motor ready for removal.

And on the way out.

I haven’t made that big of a mess in a long time pulling a motor, lol.

Input shaft seal on the transaxle is leaking and making quite the mess when coupled with clutch dust.

And the clutch assembly. The disc was into the rivets on the pressure plate side, but the flywheel side still had some material, which saved our flywheel.

Starter hole even gummed up with goo. An overnight degreasing and a trip to the power washer, and it is a little cleaner now.

The tins are really rusted, some of them rusted through completely, I just couldn’t look at them and the peeling valve cover gaskets anymore, so Sunday I came in and did some work. While the motor is out, the back is accessible, so a few gaskets are replaced and I will also replace the fuel pressure regulator, since they can fail and are a bugger to replace with the motor in.

With the valve covers off, I adjusted the valves since there wouldn’t be any easier time.

Here you can see some more rusted tin.

Not any better on the other side.

After running them through the bead blaster 🙂

I pulled all the tin off the motor. This is what I was looking at.

And most of it cleaned up nicely with the bead blaster. There were some pieces that I could only clean up so much due to the corrosion, but for the most part, they came out pretty good.

The valve covers with a coat of high temp primer and some high temp silver paint.

More nasty tin.

After some high temp primer and high temp semi gloss black.

Valve covers in place.

Mmmmmm much better.

I can breath again. Along with some new retaining bolts and washers, it looks much cleaner now.

Next i’ll get the flywheel torqued, the clutch assembly on, and rebuild the distributor. A new set of spark plugs and belts and we should be ready to go back together. I know….the peeling fan is going to bug me……..

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