Porsche Boxster Rear Trunk Lid Release Repair Rennsport Kansas City

Had this Boxster come in this week with an odd problem, the electronic rear trunk release was not working. We could hear the motor operating, but the trunk wouldn’t pop, so I assumed we had a broken cable from the motor actuator. Normally, you can jack the car up, remove the driver side fender liner and pull the emergency release cable. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I pulled with the little access, I couldn’t get it to release. So off came the rear bumper.

Location of the release cable. I was finally able to string it out straight backwards, and pull on it with all I had, and it finally popped the trunk. Turns out the cable had wrapped itself around a few things in the trunk, which was keeping it from operating freely.

Here you can see the frayed and snapped cable from the actuator motor.

And the new actuator motor.

It is stuck back behind the metal plate, but comes out with the right wiggling. Note the emergency release cable is now routed properly so it operates as it should.

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