Hallett Club Race Prep Rennsport Kansas City

With the big race this weekend, and our local HPDE next weekend, we are busy prepping cars for the events. Had some brake and tire work to do on the C4, so I got that up in the air and ready to go. A new set of front brake pads, and some replacement rear rotors that we have laying around should get us through the weekend.

Like sheep, all the tires head over to the tire machine. A well trained tire and a good 4 legged shop supervisor to do the herding sure saves a lot of time vs carrying the tires.

Over the last couple events we commented that the car sounded louder. I just assumed some of the baffling had blown out of the mufflers which is fairly common. While on the lift, I looked up, lol. Guess we have a different issue.

So I made the hole a little neater with the plasma cutter.

And cut out a replacement section to weld in. The holes are so I can place some rosette welds. Rosette welds are used when you have two pieces of overlapping material to join. Since I will have some overlapping steel due trying to cover some larger cracks, this way I can bond the two layers to keep them from vibrating against each other.

Welding to what should be a junk muffler isn’t easy, the material is so worn out that the arc wants to jump instead of making a nice clean weld. Normally we would replace the muffler, but due to the cost and last race of the season coming up in a few days, that just isn’t an option.

And a little VHT paint on the entire thing.

As you can see, the front of the muffler has had a couple of different repairs sometime in it’s life. This muffler obviously has a lot of miles on it.

I had thoughts of just running straight pipes since it wouldn’t be much different than a holey muffler, but then I kept laughing at the idea of doing “PIPES!” and was reminded of the following Bill Cosby skits about his Shelby Cobra, one of my favorite skits!

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Al Hess

October 1, 2012 at 8:57 PM

Excellent repair, should make us faster this weekend

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