Porsche 996 Project Continued Rennsport Kansas City

Had a lot of small repetitive projects recently so the blog has been slow. I finally got back to our 996 project.

On the list is the brake booster. When the battery tray drains clogged, water filled up the cavity and got into the brake booster which caused it’s failure. It is a bit of a bugger to get out, but here we have it. There is a new updated system, and the old parts are not available, so I have to figure out the conversion.

Amongst the new mystery parts.

Hydraulic motor mounts shot.

And a major IMS/RMS leak.

After a few years of sitting, the tires are dry rotted.

It does look a little cleaner at least.

Transaxle out of the car and ready to go to GBOX for rebuild. Popping out of 2nd gear on acceleration.

When we see rust on the clutch, we know it has been sitting outside for some time.

Ugh, major leaks at the RMS and IMS.

And the clutch disc down to the rivets! Stay tuned!

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Jonathan Lackman

September 25, 2012 at 10:35 PM

I don’t understand how someone could leave a 996 sitting outside long enough to dry rot the tires and rust the flywheel/clutch. I guess I’m just jealous! The IMS, RMS issues scare me…

    Jim Rejda

    January 17, 2013 at 1:06 AM

    Well, She’s been outside for the past 4 years as the Italian toy is in the garage. “That” tire however has been on the car since 2006, Recently the rear tires were replaced @ $480 each.
    I have a draining entrepuneurial work life that is draining. I have want to do the clutch for the past 6 years! The front driver tire was replaced due to raod debris cutting it up the sidewall, the tire shown is an original Rossa, which is down right amazing! They melt like butter, but there’s no better grip to be had, IME. Anyhoo The 3pc. champion wheels leak down as they need to be refreshed, and since I wan’t driving her due to the whole mess of 2nd wanting to pop and knowing the clutch needed to go and the IMS needed attention, I just let’em be. I wanted to have the work done by Karl while he was at Imagine Auto, but I was in and out of the country so much just couldn’t get it done. Then I came back and Imagine was no more!?! Thank God Mr Wilen was coerced into continueing his Porsche ways as I will not let the local dealership near my car! I have nothing for love for Karl and what his shop did for my car! It went from a sad neglected, stopped up, leaking mess, to a Nasty rubber shredding dream, trans hit every mark, everything is better than one could hope. I really appreciate the attention to detail and the utter “respect he had for my wishes”, he went above and beyond what any dealership could/ would have!
    He made my dreams a reality!
    Disclaimer: “The dreams in this situation applied to one owners specific dream of driving his wicked 911 again, not all dreamers may drive this specific car, cars may vary but the results will not.” Jim R

    P.S. Tires are ordered.

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