Oil Change Day

First thing I knocked out an 86 911 Targa for it’s 6 months oil change. It has likely sat most of the winter, but with 60 degree weather on the way, it was time to get it ready for the season.

Up in the air and ready to go.

First thing I noticed was oil buildup around the oil cooler and bellhousing. This is typically due to a bad oil thermostat o ring and/or the breather plate gasket. I cleaned it up for now, and we will monitor it this spring. It will have to be replaced eventually though. It isn’t too bad of a job, and partial motor drop gives plenty of access to the back/top of the engine for replacement.

Draining the tank.

Flushed out quite a bit of condensation/water build up. This is why you change your oil often!

Top her off with 10 quarts of oil, and she is ready to roll!

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