997/Cayman Mirror Repair

This procedure is the same whether you are updating to carbon fiber mirrors, or say if you backed out of the garage and caught the mirror on the edge of the garage door and bent it in a direction it wasn’t meant to bend 😉 I ran out to Fairway to check out the mirror off a Cayman today. Figured I knew what was wrong, but wanted to confirm in person. Figured it out pretty quickly after removing the mirror from the car, so I bundled up the mirror and brought it home. I’ll get it fixed up, and haul it back out to the owner and get it installed for him! Car never had to leave it’s home.

Removal from the car is fairly simple. I didn’t take pictures, but you remove the trim panel on the inside, remove the 2 electrical connectors, and remove the 3 torx screws (T25 IIRC). Don’t drop the mirror!

And POOF! Magic. Mirror is off the car and lovingly in my living room.

As you can see, we have a little alignment problem. You can just catch the edge of the inner arm being broken from bending the wrong way.

Another view. While you are here, take your T10 and pull the torx screw out of the bottom mirror section

Then tilt the mirror in and with a flat blade, release the plastic tabs holding the mirror to the motor.

Not the big metal tabs, but the small plastic tabs.

Once the mirror glass is off, remove the T10 torx screws. 3 from the motor first, and set aside. Then you will see another 4-5 on the metal plate/arms. Remove all that you can find inside the mirror housing.

Once the arms are free, you need to slide the assembly apart. This is a little tricky. You will slide the top and bottom sections to separate them. DO NOT pry upwards on the 2 sections trying to separate them…you will break the housing clips! SLIDE! This is critical if you are installing Carbon Fiber mirrors, as companies will usually not accept your cores if the tabs are broken.

Keep carefully sliding things apart. and you will eventually pull off the top section.

Leaving you with the bottom section still attached. Now you can slide that off the arms.

Leaving you with this. Hard to see, but one arm is completely cracked, and the other arm has a big stress crack in it.

Shop supervisor says “Sumbudy broked it!” I’ll get a new arm assembly ordered tomorrow!


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