Let’s Go Chumpin!

I think we are about wrapped up on the Chump car for it’s first race of the year. Lot more work than I thought I would have to put into it, but it all finally came together.

Had the car up in the air for a day and had a little drip form under the car. Turns out the clutch slave cylinder was leaking. Really glad we caught this now!

And new cylinder and line in place. Clutch should be ready to rock now!

At the end of the season last year, the guys blew out something in the muffler that was making a horrendous noise. We figured one of the baffles came loose, so we opened it up.

Everything inside was pretty well shot, so we gutted it, welded it back up and threw it back on. WAAAAAY too loud. Even for the average Car 54 age of like 60, it was still too loud. So we came up with a different solution, and got rid of some more weight.

Inline glass pack exiting out behind the driver. Perfect.

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