Escort 9500ci Install RS4

Installed a full Escort 9500ci radar/laser detector/shifter in this new RS4 this week. Ron had saved an old K40 out of his trade in, but thankfully only got half of the components of the the old unit removed, which meant it was easy for me to talk him into throwing that piece of junk away. K40 has a great dealer program….that’s why dealership’s sell them…..Enough said.

Rear laser shifter mounted at the base of the rear plate. Normally I like to install these at the top, but with the backup camera right there, it doesn’t work.

Front shifters mount in the grill just above where the plate would be (thank you Kansas!). I have seen some installs out by the fog light grills. I assure you they are ineffective in that location. Radar is mounted down underneath where the plate would be.

For the interior stuff, I like the display to be near the OEM instruments so you don’t have to avert your eyes and head down towards the radio or center console for an alert. Same with the control panel for the mute. Full custom installs are nice where dash panels are cut and everything is sunk in, but radar/laser equipment gets outdated about every 5 years or so. So eventually the car will have some old system custom installed in it with no easy replacement without replacing entire dash panels, etc. Hate seeing an interior get cut up like that. Simple, functional, and easy to remove later.

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