Important Public Health Announcement: Porsche ED

Have you noticed your Porsche just isn’t up to the task any more? Are you ready to take it for a spin on a curvy road, but yet it just isn’t ever in the mood? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone, and we can help. This is a problem that faces many middle aged Porsches out there today, but most of them are just too ashamed to talk about it. Talking with your Porsche about ED may not be easy, but it can be helpful….for both of you. If you and your Porsche avoid talking about the issue, as time passes, neither one of you can know what the other is thinking or feeling. For all Porsches, ED is treatable, but it won’t go away on it’s own. Don’t worry, the doctor is in.

If you think your Porsche may suffer from any of the following, please contact us immediately:
Poor Performance
Lack of Boost
Abnormal Noises

Whatever the cause of your Porsche’s ED, we can help and determine a proper treatment plan.

HIPPA? Screw HIPPA. This 951 came in today with all of the above. And it just so happens we have a prescription for it:
Full 3″ Fabspeed Exhaust System
Vitesse ECU Tune
Manual Boost Controller with 3 bar fuel pressure regulator.
We are going to take this mild tired 217hp car and breath some youth back into it. To the tune of about 280hp.

We don’t need any expensive tests to tell we have an ED problem here.

So this rusty old system needs some rejuvenation… if it were 18 years young again.

Out with the old

And in with the new. Look at that exhaust….so proud….so energized…ready to scream down the road.

Ah…a much better presentation.

Ohhh yea. Stay tuned…….

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