The 356 Lives!

Oct 28 2011 wes 356, Editorial No Comments

Karl has posted some of the work on this car in the past.  Just a quick update.  She is alive and kicking.  Got it started and took it for a “lot drive” this week.  We have also continued getting everything back together on the body of the car.

Seems like even something a simple as the bumper is a challenge here.  The license plate lights we were able to polish out,  but the bumper deco and gaurds had to be replaced.  Since we weren’t the ones who took this apart finding what seals, fasteners and trim we could use, make by hand, had to throw out, or were missing altogether (and then getting them in if they were) has been a slow process.

She is really starting to look like a car.  You can see lights, rocker decos, hood handle, horn grills and all coming together. More updates on this elegant lady soon.


 11/20/2011 update:

After reassembly we found that the people who had prepped the car for paint pretty much trashed the electrics.  No front turn signals, no horns, no low beams, starter issues.  Bad wire under the dash brings right turn signal back, found wires were just shoved in the housing on left front, ect, ect.  It is just how it goes when you pick up someone elses stalled project.


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