Hello Old Girl…..

Life has not been kind to you. We can change that though!

A lot of dash lights on, with an intermittent CEL.

Lot of history with this car. Though I haven’t seen the car in years, this is the car that started it all for me. Back when I was young pup (ok, I still am….suckas!), I was finishing up my postceptorship for my D.C. degree working for another chiropractor in town. I was working there during the day, and would come in to Imagine Auto and do their 944 work at night as a little extra on the side (it wasn’t a 911, so they didn’t want to work on them, lol). At the time a friend of mine was the lead sales for IA, so it was a fun place to just swing by and hang out when I had the time. We had just moved the shop from the original location, so I spent odd hours helping them with that. The new shop, a 10k+ square foot shop that was an incredible site. One day I walked into the shop, and Stephen was installing the supercharger kit on this 2000 996. 4th kit off the line for EvoMS. He was trying to figure out how to install the fuel injectors, and was on the phone being told by evo/vf that the motor had to come out to do so. He didn’t believe it, and as he headed into his office to argue with them about it, he looked at me and jokingly said (well it was more of a grumble) “install these damn injectors,” completely not expecting it to get done. So I stood there….looked at the engine bay….looked at the injectors and thought, “what the hell”, and dove in. 20 minutes later Stephen came out of the office to start installing the injectors. He stuck his head in the engine bay and quickly realized that I had already got them in! He looked at his watch and was dumbfounded. For those of you that have never done it, it is pretty much a one handed, blindfolded job to do it with the engine in the car. Between that, and helping Stephen epoxy the shop floor at 3am in the morning while both of us were seeing Pink Elephants from the fumes, so began my downward spiral into the Porsche world.

Kit #4 off the production line. Evolution Motorsports/VF Engineering supercharger kit. I’ve installed a lot of these!

First thing to do was to replace the bad battery in the car. Nothing too exciting there. When it got here, the windows wouldn’t roll up closing the top, and the latch kept cycling. Someone had replaced the plastic latch cover which triggers the microswitch to tell it is closed, but it came loose. A little superglue on the cover and we were back in business.

Ah ha! A few lights conquered 🙂

On my initial test drive, I couldn’t get the pedal to move more than about an inch. Car was dead slow, as you might expect. What the heck I thought. Got home, looked behind the gas pedal, and the throttle cable (for the e-gas) had popped out of the back of the pedal (ball and socket joint), and was just jamming up on the back of the pedal. Put it back where it needed to be, and all of a sudden we had full throttle again 🙂 I still need to change out the MAF, spark plugs, ignition switch, and an O2 sensor and I think it should be back under full power.

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David Lessmann

March 23, 2011 at 12:35 PM

How’s that for karma? Your first Porsche @ IA comes back to you.

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