Boxster Clutch

Drove down south of Louisburg today to diagnose a Boxster that was immobile. Figured out pretty fast that the clutch was completely shot. I assumed the disc hub had separated from the friction ring as there was zero movement from the car with the clutch disengaged. We had it towed up to the garage, and I started tearing it apart.

Had the tow truck drop it straight onto the ramps for me.

Lots of stuff to remove to get to the clutch.

First down comes the subframe, then the muffler, cats, etc.

After awhile you can drop the axles, slave cylinder, etc out.

There are a few bellhousing bolts to remove. This 2.5L had the resonance box on the intake tube, so that needs to come out the top in order to get the tranny out.

Sway bar off, and the tranny ready to come down.

No….that isn’t a bird’s nest, or mouse nest, but rather pieces of the clutch disc…….

At this point, I gave the center hub a push, and the disc was flopping around inside the pressure plate.

Well, I have never actually seen someone wear a clutch disc down all the way to the bare metal. I have seen hubs explode, and pieces of the friction material come off……but never down to the bare metal. WOW!

Hopefully parts will be here tomorrow and I’ll have it back up and running wednesday night.


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David Lessmann

March 2, 2011 at 11:54 AM

Wow! That is one worn out clutch. How many miles did it have on it?


March 2, 2011 at 3:20 PM


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