Finishing the Boxster Clutch

Got the clutch installed this afternoon, and sent the car on it’s way.

Since the disc was down to the metal, it did enough damage to the flywheel that I had to order a new flywheel. I think my machine shop could have probably turned the surface on the end mill and it would have been fine, but due to time constraints of the owners, we just went ahead with a new flywheel.

New flywheel installed.

What a new clutch disc should look like 😉 Notice the friction material, lol.

Pressure plate and disc installed with new hardware.

And the tranny going back into place. I’ve fought putting these transaxles back in by balancing it on my regular jack, but it is a real pain to get it lined up properly. I finally broke down and went out to the storage unit and grabbed the tranny jack. Sooo much easier to line things up when there is a stable base that you can tilt both directions. Also the lift arm on the jack is longer, which allows me to have the lift a little higher.

Transaxle in place and bolting everything back up. The hardest part going back together is getting the exhaust couplers and pipes installed. They are usually pretty rusty and don’t like to go where they should. Also when you come apart, the bolt connections at the headers are usually pretty well rusted through and will sometimes break when loosening them. They are press fit into the cat flange, but some heat for a torch and the hammer and you can knock them out and replace with a standard bolt. I was 5 for 6 for successful bolt removal, with 1 broken one that had to be removed. Not bad.

All buttoned up and ready to roll!

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