997 C4S Muffler Modifications

We finally got some semi warm weather (almost hit 40 today!), so I took the opportunity after lunch to run out and pull some mufflers for a buddy that we are going to modify 🙂  The OEM (Non-PSE) mufflers are just too mild, so we are going to have to fix that. 

Got the unit open after chopping the door pull free from the ice.

Up in the air and ready to pull the mufflers.

Passenger side can stuck up in the bumper.

Muffler clamp that needs to be loosened and slide back.

And passenger side out of the car.

People always get a little confused when they try and remove 996 and 997 mufflers. They see the two long bolts on the muffler bracket (which must be removed from the top, which isn’t possible due to clearance), and wonder how in the world…..Well actually, you remove the entire mounting bracket while it is still attached to the muffler. Then, once out of the car, you can remove the bracket from the muffler (and swap to a new mufflers if need be). At that time, I suppose you could flip the bolt around so it drops out the bottom (nut on top), for future R&R.

And both mufflers loaded up and ready to modify. Stay tuned.

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