Boxster Oil Leak

Last week when I changed the oil in this boxster, I noticed an oil leak on the passenger side. Typically that is due to the oil fill tube being cracked and leaking. After further investigation, I confirmed the tube was beat up a bit, so I ordered a new one and finally got a chance to tackle it today. Since the oil fill port on the boxster is in the rear trunk, the oil must pass through a tube to the engine on the other side of the firewall. This flimsy little tube that was designed tends to crack and leak. Luckily, it is cheap to replace.

Patient ready for work.

The oil fill tube being replaced.

To get to the engine compartment, open the top partially, disconnect the top and flip it forward.

Remove the carpet and bose speakers

And the engine lid.

The tube we are replacing.

One end connects to the engine, the other end to the firewall.

The old tube out of the car. Notice the one end was crushed in, allowing the leak. Not sure why, as this is the first one I have ever seen actually deformed like that before.

And the new part installed and ready to go.

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