996TT Fuel Leak

Our big turbo project car came back in after a strong fuel smell popped up recently. My initial thought was that maybe the fuel pressure regulator o-ring was pinched when we installed the bigger 5 bar regulator, causing a small leak.  I was a bit surprised when that was not it at all, but rather a completely unrelated issue…….the metal fuel filter had sprung a pin hole leak, and was spraying gasoline out at a pretty darn good rate!  Needless to say, we dodged a bullet as fuel leaks in engine bays are never good.

The reason?  The fuel filter was sitting a little too far rearward, and as the motor moved around under acceleration, deceleration, hard cornering, etc, it was just enough movement to rub on the filter a bit.  After awhile, it rubbed all the way through.  The fuel filter mount is stationary to the body of the car, while the engine will move around slightly in it’s mounts, hence the touching.  The solution?  A new filter and making sure it sat further rearward in it’s mount so it wouldn’t happen again.  The fuel filter was definitely ready to be replaced though, as the fuel that came out of it was mighty black.

You can see in the far back corner how close the filter can be to the intake.  Now shove it back in its mount an inch or so, and it is close enough to rub (new filter is in place)

Where the filter sits in the engine bay.

And the rubbing that caused the pinhole leak.

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