996TT engine work

Had a freind drop off his 996TT today for some long overdue engine work. Last year we started throwing cam actuator codes on the 2nd bank, and when replacing an actuator, I found a piece of metal shaving stuck to it. Not good. The light has persisted, so we are going to drop the motor and open it up and see what is going on with the variocam system.

We also had some radiators to replace (passenger and center) as well as the passenger radiator fan, so I took the opportunity to do those first, as it will make dropping the engine a little less slippery as most of the coolant will already be drained.

Up and ready to go.

Draining the passenger side radiator

Front bumper off and radiators semi exposed.

Bottom support bracket off.

And pulling apart the radiator. Once everything is loose, it will slide right out the end.

New radiator ready to go in.

And in place.

Next up was the center radiator.

Poof. Magic.

The front shroud is riveted to the radiator, so I drilled those out and transfered to the new radiator.

Ready to go back in.

And things going back together

Radiators done. In the next couple of days I will get started on dropping the motor/trans for the big boy work.

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