And now for something totally different….86 BMW 325

The boxster got picked up yesterday, and this was left in it’s place, lol.  I had a list of small stuff to go through to get this thing up and running in tip top shape again.

The gauge cluster had some issues. The battery light, service light, brake wear light, etc were all on. The tach and fuel economy gauge no longer worked either. The tach and FE give it away. The service indicator board in the instrument cluster is bad. There are a couple of batteries soldered to the back of the board, and over time those batteries will eventually fail, corrode, and cause issues. The solution is a rebuilt board. Some guys have soldered new batteries on to the board, but I’d rather replace the entire thing.

One other nagging issue was the window switches were not lighting up properly (arrows are illuminated at night). Solution is new switches.

Since the brake wear light was on, I figured we had a broken sensor wire somewhere.


Next up was the passenger door was impossible to open from the outside. Inside worked fine, outside you really had to tug with all your might on the door, so I took apart the door to see what the issue was.

On the door lock actuator, there is an arm that the outside handle prys on to open the door. Turns out this arm was bent. I bent the arm back to about 90 degrees, and put it back together. Works like a charm.

Tomorrow I will pick up a new washer pump and seal for the washer tank and get that working again.

325BMWService Indicator BoardSI boardTach not working

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