993TT Clutch Change

Sunday Stephen and I tackled a clutch job that he needed to get done for a mutual freind. His initial plan was to do it on jackstands, and when he asked me to help, I just laughed at him. After the last fiasco of trying to bench press a tranny into a 996, I wasn’t going to fall for that again (you know the saying, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice….oh hell, nobody fools me twice”). Instead, I pulled out the sawzall, the drill, and modified the lift, which was something I needed to do anyway, so we could drop the motor/tranny out easily (but that is for another blog entry). Stephen dropped the car off the night before so it would warm up, and Sunday morning we went to work.

Draining the oil.

Notice the modification…this will allow the motor/tranny to drop straight down.

The pile of parts starts to grow.

More stuff apart.

Then we started pulling stuff up top.

And started to lower the assembly out the bottom.

Stephen rolling the motor out.

And pulling the old clutch.

Looks awfully empty in there.

And then going back in. We made good time, but it was still a REALLY long day.

For those of you who have a 2 post lift, you can pull the tranny without dropping the motor, but you have to pull the clutch guide pin to do so (and the torque tube, but that isn’t so bad). Here is what you are dealing with. A 10mm bolt (head), a bracket, a plastic plug, and then the guide pin. Going back together is a lot of fun, lol.


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