993 Seat Motor Cables

Had one left over car in the shop that I need to take care of.  A common issue with the 993’s is that if you put the seat in the rear most position, often times it gets stuck there and will no longer slide forward.  If you know this, usually repeated tapping of the switch or giving it a bit of a nudge from the back of the seat will jar it loose and it will slide freely.  Someone started trying to mess with this seat, so I’m not really sure what happened first, the chicken or the egg, but either way we have a stripped left side cable to replace, which requires removal of the seat.

Here you can see the square cable is shot where it inserts into the central seat motor.

The trick is getting the seat out when it is all the way back. This requires a little ingenuity to get to the back bolts, but I prevailed 😉 Stay tuned……

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