Sunday Shop Work

Today we headed over and wanted to tackle a big project at the shop. I found out earlier this week, that the raised asphalt slab inside the shop made it a little hard to get low cars into the shop due to clearance. So it had to go. Since it was just formed on top of the smooth concrete floor, it looked like it would peel up fairly easy…..well that part was true, it really wasn’t molded to the floor at all….coming up easy on the other hand, well that wasn’t quite the case. I got over there early and started knocking out the thinner pieces (slanted slab), but once it started getting 4-6″ thick, there was no way my tools were going to cut it. So Wes showed up and we went and got a jack hammer….thinking it will just crack the asphalt and we will haul off the pieces. Yeah, not so much. 4 hours later we had the slab out.

Hard to see, but the Saab is sitting rear wheels on the slab, front wheels off. The slab is about 6″ high at the highest point.

About all I could muster with hand tools

But then came the jack hammer….and it was still hard. The asphalt is soft enough that it didn’t really crack under you get underneath it with a pry bar or the jack hammer laying on it’s side, then hit the tar out of it with a huge sledge.

Lots of heavy lifting.

Wes on the jack hammer.

And about clean. Nice smooth floor underneath.

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