968 Maintenance

Oct 30 2009 porschedoc 968 No Comments

Another 968 in the garage.  I am doing a full timing belt/waterpump/roller service, swapping in a resealed PS pump, Camshaft pads and chain change, all new coolant hoses, new expansion tank, speed sensor, and trying to figure out a braking issue.

Getting ready to tear it down…..

Front end apart, going after the cam pads and chain…..

Cams out of the car…..

Exposed cam followers.

Old pads and chain that need to be removed

New pads and chain installed, and cams back in the head.

Almost back together.  A few coolant hoses still needed to be done at this point.  Currently working on diagnosing our mystery braking issue…..

PorschePorsche 968

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