944 Oil Leaks

Been an odd week of little service stuff here and there, nothing too important to speak of. Car is back together, and I am waiting on the ECU which is still at VF. They said GIAC’s servers were down and could not generate a file for the ECU and they were waiting on that…..hmmmm. I know all the tricks in this industry…….good to know somethings never change in this business.

So, it is on to a 944 to address some oil leaks. Up on stands ready to go.

Overnight, it dumped a fair amount of oil on the drip pan….along with what is sitting on top of the bell pan.

Ugh. We will tackle all of the front seals as well as pulling the cam tower to reseal that.

Someone has been in here before, half of the rotor is missing, lol. Still functional, but funny.

With the lower radiator hose off, you can tell this pump has been on awhile due to the corrosion.

If you look between the intake runners you can see brown discoloration. That is from oil oozing out the cam tower gasket and running across the head. It then flows down the drivers side of the engine to the rear of the block where it comes down the back of the oil pan.

New fuel injector seals are a must.

As I was draining the coolant, I noticed there was quite a bit of contamination in the coolant reservoir. It appears that the oil cooler seals are leaking slightly (or has been a problem in the past). If the seals haven’t been changed, we will have to change them as well. Lot of material in the drain pan.

After removing the cam tower, the paper gasket needs to be removed. It is pretty rock hard, which doesn’t provide a good sealing surface.

And the top of the head cleaned and ready for a resealed cam tower.

Front seals leaking on the cam tower. Hard to see in the sun, but there was a lot of oil obviously leaking out the front end here.

So after getting in a little deeper, we will be tackling:
Front engine seals
Reseal cam tower
Replace fuel injector seals
Waterpump, timing belt, balance belt, and rollers
Change oil to get the 0-40 out that the dealer put in and get some 15-50 in the car.
Oil cooler seals and new coolant
Possibly new coolant hoses depending on condition
Spark plug wires as they are very hard and brittle.

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Jeremy D

June 5, 2011 at 11:39 AM

God bless you, Karl, for getting my car back into tip-top shape! (And very clean!)

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