Odds and Ends and Cleaning Day

May 30 2011 porschedoc BMW No Comments

Holiday weekend so haven’t been too concerned about being the in the garage.
We are waiting on parts to finish up the supercharged 997, hopefully they will start showing up this week
Sunday morning was fleet cleaning day with all the daily driver’s washed up. Fleet maintenance day will be coming up soon.
Sunday I stopped over to a friend’s house to help them with brakes on the GT3, nothing we haven’t seen before
Charged the AC on the black devil on Saturday, hopefully all will be well with that car.

Monday it was time to refinish the wheels on the M3. While I was in there, a little cleaning was due, as well as bleeding the brakes since I had the wheels off.
A bit of sanding to flatten everything down.

And a much more refreshed look.

Lugs of course couldn’t be left out.

And bleeding the brakes with some fresh Motul.

Ugh…….that’s right, I cleaned the wheel wells 🙂

Much better.

And back on the ground.

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