911 Fender Rolling

To finish up our 911 Brembo Big Brake Project, we needed to roll the fender to better accommodate the Lindsey Racing wheels. Since these wheels fit like “Socks on a Rooster,” we needed to do some fixing to get rid of the rubbing. So out comes the fender roller 🙂

I really just needed the noon position to be rolled, but since that area is hard to catch with the camera, I thought the front edge would be easier to see the roll. I am essentially just taking the lip (very edge of the fender lip) which sits at about 90 degrees, and rolling it upwards, essentially back on to itself on the inside. It is not a very big change, but really adds clearance to the wheel well. Otherwise the edge of the tire can catch the sharp lip of the fender and cut the tire.

The fender rolling tool

Just past the lip of the roller, you can see how the lip is starting to fold. The key here is a heat gun and going in extremely minor adjustments over and over again. If you go too fast, you will crack the paint.

And done. Towards the bottom of the red fender lip, you can see where it is wider. Again, it isn’t a huge visual change, but a huge change in geometry.

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