Audi 4000 Quattro

Have a little project that we have been plugging away at for a few days now. This is a race car build that Kris has been knocking out over the last couple of years. He needed a few things done so he could move on to the next area of the car.
1. Fuel Cell: Trunk mounted
2. Closing the rear trunk area for a few seconds more fire protection in event of a crash
3. Gauge mounting
4. Switch Panel
5. Battery mount

We started by closing up the rear trunk area. The area had been cut out do install the cage, so we needed to close it back up.

Hole that needs to be closed.

So we started by cutting templates and getting everything fit. We wanted to leave the center section removable so if a person needed front access to the fuel cell in the trunk, it could be done.

New aluminum mocked up and screwed into place.

Then we installed the center section with tek screws for easy removal if needed.

Next I will cut some patch panels for around the end pieces and the rollcage to better seal up those holes. Stay tuned.

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