The importance of a PPI

Sometimes it can be a hassle to find a shop to look at a car when purchasing from out of state, but it is very important to have a Porsche checked out before spending a lot of money on a car that potentially could have very expensive repair bills.

This car came from an independent ebay dealer in Texas. Came in on transport and came to the shop immediately for service. Upon arrival the engine was noisy and it had a CEL. Quite obvious what we were looking at. Crankshaft in relation to camshaft error code, a lot of oil underneath the bellhousing…yup blown IMS.

Unfortunately there is no doubt the dealer knew he had a bad car, and sold it in a state that there are no warranties on used cars. Very sad indeed. How the engine was still running I don’t know.

A ton of metal in both the oil filter and oil. No more starting this engine until it is fixed. These are not cheap cars to fix, and while this issue is fairly rare in the 05 and newer cars, it can still happen through 08. A couple hundred dollars in a PPI would have saved thousands.

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