You know you want to see her with her top off- Jaguar XKR hydraulic roof repair/upgrade

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Here’s our buddy Jerry and his gorgeous XKR.  It came to see me because it was losing Pentosin CHF-11S from the power top mechanism.  This one button system is super cool but the lines are a problem sometimes.

The pump is in the trunk.


And so was the first leak.  Right at the fitting.


These lines run from the pump in the right side of the trunk, up the left side A-pillar, over to the latch.  Repair means taking most all of the seats, carpet, and interior panels out.  Good thing we did since there was another leak inside that A-pillar.   You can see the lines coming apart at the fittings.


The new lines are stronger and don’t have these added fittings to leak but they also require new ends at the pump and the latch, so the whole assembly over the windshield must come out.


This is not a job for the casual wrench.  It is a real pain.  But now the top goes up and down faster than ever and there is no fluid loss.  These hoses should last the rest of her life.  Tons of topless fun.

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