Porsche Cayenne Maintenance

We shove a lot of Cayennes through the shop for maintenance, but I know there are a lot more out there that need our help!

They are really good vehicles in general, a few issues like coolant pipes and drive shaft carrier bearings, but overall, they are really solid gas slurping pigs. This one came in for some light maintenance which we were able to take care of quickly.

First thing to do was the replace the various lights that were not working such as a side marker light, both cornering lights, and the right blinker light.

Then it was on to replacing the front brake pads which had triggered the wear light on the dash.

Definitely do not want to be hauling around the family with anything less than this!

I didn’t get any pictures but we also fixed the horns that were not working. A really stupid design allows water to enter the horns and cause them to fail. Both the high and low horns were burnt out. A very common issue in the Cayennes, but a fairly cheap fix. Then a parking brake strut rod which was causing the light to come on randomly, and off she went!

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